What If My Significant Other is Blue Pill and I’m Red Pill ? (personal-question-for-corbett.mp4)


[If your browser says the file is corrupt, it’s not and will play in a different browser or if you download it for off-line play.]

I conclude there are three core categories of people reacting/responding to political issues: (1) Those opting out of political discussion such as James Corbett said when asked about his spouse on a Questions for Corbett YouTube; (2) Those reacting to political issues as if they’re simple problems with simple alleged solutions such as “Love it or leave it” which they sometimes don’t even agree with themselves (i.e., Newspeak, Doublethink, etcetera). My spouse sometimes does this, but her and I have a peace treaty similar to James C.’s; i.e., our relationship is at the midbrain rather than forebrain level; (3) Those responding similar to the way a science team works on solving a complex problem.

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