The Word “Philosophy” Versus the Word “Ideology”

(Nine short paragraphs plus endnotes, Revision Two, copyleft 4-17-2016 by Peter Voluntaryistic Walker)

1. The difference between philosophy and ideology is analoguous to science versus technology; *but* most people based on my personal experience and if you meditate and think one it, probably yours, have a subconscious feeling that philosophies don’t kill people, ideologies do. Thus when the accurate word is “ideology”, people tend to say “philosophy” instead because it’s much more comfortable despite being a bait-and-switch euphemism and an example of Orwell’s Newspeak.

1.a. “Newspeak is the fictional language in the novel Nineteen Eighty-Four, written by George Orwell. It is a controlled language created by the totalitarian state Oceania as a tool to limit freedom of thought, and concepts that pose a threat to the regime such as freedom, self-expression, individuality, and peace.” –

1.b. Orwell’s prediction of a regime-created Newspeak continues to actualize, but in much more complex ways. Fortunately, the present existence of free speech in some parts of the world provide an option of rejecting the unhealthy parts of whatever mainstream culture one finds oneself in.

1.c. The present regime is a set of ruling classes who sometimes cooperate and sometimes compete; but nonetheless are in effect a regime.

2. An example of Newspeak is for two or more people to say they have “different philosophies”. It makes no more sense than two scientists to say they have “different sciences” or for two mathematicians to say they have “different maths”. The closest two people can get to having different philosophies or sciences or maths is for one to have a pseudo version.

3. Part of our species evolving out of our superstitious phase of evolution is everyone understanding he or she has to create his or her own ideology, not accept a package deal ideology from somebody else; and to be moral each individual has to live and eventually die according to his or her own personal ideology, not somebody else’s.

4. Thus it’s Orwellian euphamizing to say “my philosophy” or “our philosophy” because the accurate word is “ideology”; i.e., the output of a person or group studying philosophy or science or math or whatever field of study, and their study resulting in a set of beliefs/conclusions.

4.a. An example is the ideology of Randian objectivism sometimes mistakenly called “a philosohy”. Another example is I have a unique and personal continually evolving ideology; but I have no group ideology. If I did I’d be parochial rather than the eclectic I am. My personal ideology is a mix of different parts of different ideologies and a few of my original/reinvented concepts/conclusions.

4.b. To say “philosophy” rather than “ideology” is a no-go showboat comfort zone because ideologies tend to clash and thus saying “I have a philosophy” is a way to downplay differences at the expense of keeping language dumbed-down as a part of whatever dumbed-down mainstream culture one is living under.



Paragraph 1.b. “…more complex ways.”

– By “mainstream culture” in the above context, I mean most cultures at the ethnic or country level include the ruler-ruled paradigm. It’s usually covert because it’s easier and cheaper to rule people who believe they’re free.
–  The five core ruler-ruled classes are owners, enforcers, maintainers, producers, and escapees. The enforcers and maintainers include but aren’t limited limited to professional members of the social institution of The State; what I call capital-G “Government” to differentiate it from self-government and other win-win solutions for social cooperation.
– There are subclasses of the core five who prima facie don’t appear to fit. For instance, some of the incarcerated and some of the multi-generationally Government dependent are trapped maintainers because their status justifies ever bigger Government to indoctrinated producers and provide examples of Government power/terror to keep producers in line.

– The only 100% escapees (if any) are those truly off the grid, which means not you if you’re reading this. I consider myself a partial escapee because of my escapee brain/mind; but physically I’m involuntarily on the grid. Unless your parents never put you on the grid, probably the only way to 100% escape is to perfectly fake your own death.

Paragraph 3. “…superstitious phase of our evolution…” – That is, present intersubjectivity needing to be replaced with interobjectivity.

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