Where to look for what: petewalker.me is my main site and contains more solutions about life in general; the other sites are more about identifying and studying problem areas.
alcoholic-addict.me - About my and others addictions, recoveries, etc. (My personal recovery experiences are mostly with alcohol.)
babyboomermyass.com - Working on the memoirs of my Vietnam War Generation.
-- Whatever war one's government has going on when one is of military conscription age marks one's generation, not bogus war memory hole labels like "baby-boomer", "millennial, gen x, etc.
haveviagrawilltravel.com - My stand-up comedy routine and related.
hvwt.me - Ditto above except short URL and because it's not ".com", it went through the system fast and works now and only cost $3 a year.
petewalker.me - About what has been and is going on in my life.
thugsinsuits.com - Economics, politics, bogus history, sheeple, etc.
-- You can put lipstick on a pig but it's still a pig. Thugsinsuits.com is about phasing-out the scammers through exposing their scam and their psyops. You can put a suit on a thug but he/she/etcetera is still a thug; and almost all if not all professional politicians, professional lobbyists, etcetera are thugs because their alleged authority is based on them initiating fraud such as government schooling and initiating violence such as tax collection (they will send you a bill and if you ignore it they will confiscate first your property and second you and third kill you if you resist).