The REAL reason for World War 1.
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Published on Jan 1, 2014


In memory of all those that sacrificed so much without ever knowing the truth. The German Austrian Hungarians needed to build their railway through Serbia to access the Ottoman Oil fields. Britain, France and Russia needed to stop them. The failure of the Germans to break through at Gallipoli and the fall of Mosel in Nov 1918, meant it was all over.

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gerald carbonneau | 3 years ago
There was no one reason for WWI. This is WWI from the British perspective. It says nothing of Serb ambitions like destabilizing the Austo-Hungarian empire. Nothing of French revenge for Franc-Prussian war. Were is Pan-Slavism. Germany feared rhe rise of Russia and wanted war sooner rather than later. The Middle East was a side show.

sheraz asghar | 2 years ago
germany did not start WW1 get your facts straight

NuMaiVremPamant | 3 years ago (edited)
The real reason for WW1 is that the Jew needed world empires dismantled and replaced with small nation-states and "democracies" that could be infiltrated and manipulated easier.

Ronald Schultenover | 2 years ago
Churchill and England made a real mess of the world . 1914 would have been just another brief without England and England ultimately lost all and Europe destroyed. We live with all the trouble Churchill and the New York banks made

Inner Circle | 2 years ago
Title of the video should be "How Europeans screwed Muslim World and why Muslims are Fighting Europeans" War on Terror is just smoke screen and real reason for this latest mission "WAR ON TERROR" is to turn ordinary Europeans against Muslims. By looks of today it is working and Muslims once again are being killed in thousands by Europeans. Really sad that this is still going on in 21st Century.

witty sparks | 2 years ago
if you have come here for WW1, its not the video. save your time.

Karelwolfpup | 3 years ago
interesting that this video makes no mention of Russian mobilisation in the wake of the assassination of Franz Ferdinand in Sarajevo and the impending war between the Austro0Hungarian empire and Serbia over that.

topsilog | 2 years ago
its the Rothschild people the Rothschild haha

Diogenes | 1 year ago
Just like I have always suspected. Europeans are the cause of most problems of the world.

Jim Bob | 1 year ago
To get the Balfour declaration and Palestine in British hands