Intellectual Property (IP) Law?

(Three short paragraphs plus endnotes, copyleft Peter Voluntaryistic Walker 5-18-2016)

1. The logical anarchist/voluntaryist perspective of IP law is its enforcement requires either a Government or people belonging to something like a dispute resolution organization (DRO) that recognizes IP — but many if not most anarchistic persons wouldn’t join a DRO recognizing IP. For such reasons, IP is a textbook case of the cure being worse than the disease. In a future voluntary society, open source contributors of value may not become hyper-rich like J. K. Rawling, but voluntary society future markets will no doubt create more and more sincere compensation methods.

2. The logical minarchist perspective of IP law is its advocates are one of a thousand or more special interests, each advocating Government get bigger and more invasive to special interest benefit at the expense of all others. But I didn’t sign any contract to respect anyone’s IP. Where Governments exist, alleged IP requires an alleged social contract — as does everything else about Government.

3. It’s impossible to know motives, only to speculate probable motives; in this case the writers of the US Constitution writing-in IP. I speculate they wanted to motivate the intellectual and technical development of a new country, but it’s more than speculation that since IP has become a big scam. For instance tons of tax dollars are poured into researching pharmaceuticals, and the research is handed over to insider corporations who perform very slight modifications so they can claim IP, overcharge, and keep new/outside competition out. IP is also a perfect excuse for the USA Government to violate the Bill of Rights, and for other Governments to follow suit.



“Voluntaryistic” – aka

Paragraph 1.:

– “Government” – I capitalize the word because I mean it in the context of the social institution of The State, i.e., Statolatry; i.e., the superstition people can delegate rights they don’t have.

– “future voluntary society” – Voluntary societies have and do exist, but to date depend on escaping notice by The State. I conclude we as a species are in a superstitious phase of our evolution, i.e., intersubjectivity, and phasing-out The State will require us to become an inter-objective species — if we don’t first become extinct.

Para 2. – “minarchist” –

Para 3. – “For instance…” – Reference needed, I’ll keep my eyes open for one or more and update this mini-essay. I may have heard Noam Chomsky explain it. Future versions of this mini-essay may include references such as the cost of enforcement versus benefit to society, taxpayer paid research given for free to insiders who IP it, how authors got credit/paid prior to IP law, and how The State uses IP as an excuse to violate basic human rights.

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