Blue Pill/Red Pill Part One and Two

(About thirteen short paragraphs plus endnotes, Revision One copyleft 06-06-2016 by Peter Voluntaryistic Walker)


I-1. The Matrix movie popularized the blue/red pill metaphor as a very useful label; but it means different things to different people, as do its equivalents such as The Wall from Pink Floyd, The Cave of Shadows from Socrates as told by Plato, L. Frank Baum’s The Man Behind the Curtain, etc.

I-2. I conclude blue or red pill is a metaphor for the domesticated or undomesticated human brain. The Matrix is our species’ social institution of a few domesticating the many. The superclass is the few, who also domesticate themselves; but to be sheeple harvesters rather than sheeple. This social institution of self-domestication unnecessarily kills millions annually, makes life miserable or worse for billions, and drastically lowers quality of life for the rest — superclass included.

I-2.a. Humans are livestock domesticaters, and our most profitable livestock is each other (please see my endnote about the word profit). Unlike other livestock, most of us domesticate ourselves, breed ourselves, sheepdog ourselves, sheer ourselves, butcher ourselves, and worshipfully deliver ourselves in the form of sheeple wool, milk, and mutton fodder to our owners.

I-2.b. For instance, a United States social security number (SSN, or the equivalent in other countries) is a human livestock tag, like the plastic barcode tag on a cow’s ear. I was in 1974 USAF basic training signing papers with my SSN number on them when the drill instructor casually mentioned the FR are in front of our SSN stood for Federal Reserve — he even called it a FRN, not a SSN. I now know IBM Corporation worked in 1930s Germany to provide a punch card for every tattoo on a Jewish person’s arm at the same time the USA government was establishing SSNs; same technology for similar endgames.

I-2.c. Unfortunately for the 1930s era western civilization superclass, one of of their appointed sheepdogs, Adolph Hitler, was going rogue at the same time an eastern civilization superclass was rising. Such recurring patterns are as old as the first empires and continue to distract superclass members from their cushy lifestyles; but some such as George Senior Bush probably enjoy it the way a cat enjoys playing with a captured mouse, while others such as George Junior only reluctantly attend to such issues.

I-2.d. The blue and red pill are an either-or proposition, but to what extent a human brain is domesticated varies as metaphorically represented by shades of blue gradually changing to shades of purple, then gradually changing to shades of red. I conclude there’s no such thing as a 100% blue or red condition for a human brain in our present stage of evolution. So to “take the red pill” doesn’t mean you immediately have a red pill mind, it means you begin the red pill journey the way Neo (as in neocon/neolib) began learning red pill skills in The Matrix movie.

I-2.d. This description of our species’ Matrix is abbreviated. The endnotes include some references and those in turn contain more.

I-3. I consider myself a red pill person, but someone I consider blue probably considers me blue and he or she red. Like most people-labels, the metaphor represents complex concepts, but is often a smoke screen for the mind game My Side Against Your Side. The Sides dumbed-down version of reality is due to our species’ mainstream culture not yet breaking free from pre-modern human tribalism. It brutally represses first principles and replaces them with indoctrination.

I-3.a. Many fans of the movie interpret the Matrix metaphor as applying only to science fiction. Others such as myself conclude there is the equivalent of a society-wide or human species-wide Matrix, but we don’t all agree on what it is. Many with doctrines such as socialism or capitalism see the Matrix as the opposite of their chosen doctrine.

I-3.b. Rather than having a doctrine, dogma, ideology, belief system, etc., I have no beliefs; only conclusions subject to change upon new or better information. To many, such splitting of hairs between words is irrelevant, but I completely disagree. Our species’ Matrix greatly depends on semantics to keep most of us dumbed down: Newspeak, Prolefeed, etc.

I-3.c. There’s an Amazon tribe with no word representing the number four or any higher number. Instead they say “more than three.” A similar Amazon tribe has the same semantic with five rather than three. Little doubt that periodically rare creative tribal members have suggested improvements to such semantics, but were ignored or worse.

I-3.d. Orwellianism is an example of modern society’s semantics that brainbind. For instance until I was 58 years old, the words chaos and anarchy had identical meanings. After taking a sabbatical from the rat race to research things that never made sense to me, one thing I learned is anarchy has two core meanings: One chaos and the other the absence of the social institution of the state, aka government (as opposed to government in the context of an individual governing him or herself). Prior to my sabbatical, having no concept that our species could thrive without government meant my thoughts were restricted to improving government rather than exploring alternatives. This is the equivalent of Thomas Paine believing his efforts needed to be focused on making the divine right of kings more divine.


II-1. In the Matrix movie there was at least one character who took the red pill but then regretted doing so and as such change to a perverted form of the red pill; i.e., consciously working for the owners despite knowing better.

II.1.a. It would’ve been better for people overall if he never took the red pill. The metaphor applies to present society; e.g., Bill Clinton was born into a blue collar family, but through social institutions set-up by the owners/rulers/enforcers, was identified as capable of understanding the red pill and being a potential red pill leader if not co-opted.

II.1.b. At age 59 I took the red pill as explained below; but the shock was such that I spent several years abusing alcohol as a cushion to my shock. If I had that much shock at, for instance, age 40 when I was raising a family, it would’ve done more harm than good. That’s what I mean by To Take or Not to Take the Red Pill — it may not be in your interest to open the Pandora’s Box.

II-1.c. Taking the red pill is in many ways like starting life all over with a toddler brain. The difference is physical adults have decades of unlearning to do, emotional as well as logical. This set of things to unlearn is your false self and has its own sentience. It was created in you from birth by blue pill people practicing their mainstream culture.

II-1.d. The false self is mostly subconscious, has its own sentience, and represents the Matrix by ruling over your true self. Your true self is both conscious and subconscious, but has been beaten down and trained to only think clearly in isolated areas of life such as having the means to pay your Matrix taxes, create new blue pill people, and maintain pressure and worse on your peers to conform.

II-1.e. In my case, an extreme one, the true self versus false self struggle literally almost killed me. It was like a mutiny on a ship where the old captain would rather sink the ship and all aboard rather than surrender.

II-1.e.1. I was 58 when I retired and spent two years researching all the things that never made sense to me. I was both continuing to research and in such a state of shock that I made my life worse by medicating emotional pain with alcohol. I accept 100% responsibility. Justice in a voluntary society is first prevention, then restitution rather than punishment. Justice for myself is being born into a toxic culture and helping to spread and enforce it. Now I’m a survivor, making restitution without the waste of punishing myself.

II-1.e.2. I now consider myself about 90% emotionally/mentally red pill. I’m physically about 50% blue pill due to being a USA military veteran and due to my present health condition being dependant on the grid.

II-2. There are red pill parents with fortunate (at least in that respect) children who start life as red pill people. My writing here applies to them as part of their education, and it applies to the rest of us as part of an informed decision.
II-3. To “take the red pill” doesn’t mean to immediately have a red pill mind. It means to gradually, and for some faster than for others, shed mainstream culture and instead start using one’s mind without beliefs but instead conclusions subject to change upon new information.

II-4. In conclusion:

II-4.a. Mainstream culture is more accurately called lamestream culture because it keeps your brain lame. It is The Matrix, The Wall, The Cave of Shadows, The Curtain tore down by Toto because he was the only nonconformist there.

II-4.b. In the scolding words of superclass spokesperson Bill Clinton, “How dare you” (google “bill clinton how dare you”). How dare you permanent children begin thinking for yourselves and outgrow the culture made just for you by your betters. How dare you recognize you have your own keys to your own chains on your own brains.

II-4.c. To take the blue pill is to ignore the part in you passed down from your pre-domesticated ancestors. To ignore that part is the height of voluntary ignorance.


Para I-1.:

– Neo is living a good life, or so he thinks. Then he learns his brain and body are hardwired into a simulated reality called “the Matrix”, created by sentient machines to secure their life from their greatest threat, humans. The Matrix controls them and uses their brain activity the way a super computer uses parallel processors. Matrix escapees unwire him and he goes on the run from the Matrix’s enforcers. Escapee leader Morpheus offers Neo a blue pill to forget and return to the illusion, or a red pill to remain in the painful world of reality. The movie’s character Cypher regrets having taken the red pill and is an informant to the enforcers in exchange for a promised illusion of continuous immediate gratification.

– A brain is a physical organ; a mind is the thought content of that brain. The social institution of human domestication works on both the physical part, for instance the pharmaceutical industry, and the thought part, for instance the traumatizing of children to dumb them down.

Para. I-2:

– To say human species-wide is more accurate than to say society-wide. For many, thinking of ourselves as a species is an alien concept; as I have no doubt the superclass prefers it to be.

– I don’t claim to know what’s inside of other people’s heads as in knowing whether or not an individual is a blue or red pill person. Rather I conclude most of my contemporaries are blue pill people the same way I conclude most of them are literate by present mainstream standards. Some are bilingual literate in the same way that some are purple pill people. A few are semantic linguists in the same way that a few are red pill people. Distinguishing which individual contains which pill is an entirely different matter, and in most individual cases is none of my business. When it is my business is when a person is voluntarily engaging in a discussion about related issues. Based on the discussion, I may consider that person a blue, purple, or red pill person; with the caveat that he or she may be role playing and thus misleading me.

– I don’t consider the word sheeple to be an insult; rather it describes a state of the human brain and body both being in captivity. Some say you’re either a sheeple or not; no middle ground. But I agree with Harry Browne, who in his 1970s book Living Free in an Unfree World (you can google the .pdf and find it free) said most people are only about 30% free when they could be 70% free, and he explained how. I define freedom as the absence of illusion and initiated coercion, so I consider myself 90% illusion free and 50% physically free, for a 70% nonsheeple, aka escapee, rating. The five core social classes are the owners, the enforcers, the maintainers, the producers, and the escapees. The core levels are a basic representation of much more complex and socially dynamic conditions and actions.

– Having researched them exhaustively, I use the word profit above in the context of what it appears to be from a superclass perspective; a domesticated and perverted one.

Para. I-3:

– I informally use labels for myself such as red pill person or your friendly local anarchist, but formal and informal use differ in purpose and preciseness. Informal use of a label would be among people who agree on its meaning or who are willing to listen to what I mean by it. Informal can also mean within the context of humor or small talk.

– Amazon tribes with few numeric words — — I am in no way demeaning any tribe, person, or group. I’m only focusing on differences that may be worth discussing.

– Orwellian in this context refers to a gatekeeping version of language as in the book 1984, but the principal and practice goes back thousands of years.

– I personally relate to Thomas Paine’s experiences, but I don’t claim any such greatness or whatever.

Para. I-4.: I’m talking about starving a social institution, not any one person. Parasitic people such as the superclass can become unparasitic, and any incapable of doing so can be adequately provided for through charity. Undomestication of all people will benefit all people.

Paragraph II-2.:

– The unfortunate side of being born red pill is being a stranger in a strange and deadly land. I learned a survival tool when worked for an over the road trucker. He ran two log books, one to show the government, the other for billing the company he contracted with. They taught him how.

— Thus if you’re a student in a public school, you have to convince the teachers you agree even though you know better. The concept also applies whenever it’s in your advantage to go along and get along; for instance if you’re at the dentist’s office and you don’t want to piss him off.

— l strive to choose my battles carefully because being a red pill person can have repercussions such as being the last hired and the first fired. I take a small risk by putting essays like this one where the public can read them, but it’s different than having an in-person discussion. A blue pill person can read my first sentence and and quit much easier than they can leave a discussion without appearing to have lost their side of whatever case they’re making. Additionally, I’m a senior citizen and have less to lose by letting it be widely known that mentally I’m a free market anarchist.

– There are also some purple pill type people who I need as friends, family, and allies. They know where I stand, and as allies we agree to disagree about certain things.

– A textbook toxic culture example is ancient Sparta. It was centrally planned social engineering. Boys were taken at age seven and the army became their family. They were severely abused and trained to kill as if they were pitbulls bred and trained for nothing but killing.

— Present mainstream cultures don’t seem so extreme, but they are. Sparta contained soldiers and other social classes, with the whole social structure held in place through violently enforced hierarchical authority. When one seriously compares this social structure to that of any country, one realizes the structure differs only in detail. If one further studies and compares our capability as a species to this global system of political borders, one concludes our specie’s present system of political hierarchy unnecessarily kills millions annually, makes life miserable or worse for billions, and drastically lowers quality of life for the rest; superclass included.

— Think of having a time machine and bringing an ancient Spartan soldier to our time. We try to get him therapy where he doesn’t want to have slaves, routinely maim and kill people, etc. He would probably be too far gone to repair. The same principle of a Spartan time-transported to today applies if people from a future voluntary society transported one of us to their time and gave us therapy to become a whole human being — but actually this IS happening, just not with a time machine. It’s through imagineering, for instance nonpseudo intellectuals describing how future voluntary societies can work; people experimenting with alternative systems such as peaceful parenting, agorism, nongovernment money and law, and people spreading the message. The therapy, whether professional or self-administered, also exists. A tip of the iceberg example is Stefan Molyneux’s weekly call-in show.

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