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pota4.avi – Video Clip from Conquest of the Planet of the Apes

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On Morality…

The individual is a concrete concept and all groupings, political or otherwise, are abstract concepts; and it’s immoral for abstract concepts to trump concrete concepts.

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Which Corporations Control The World?

The social institution of corporatism is a Frankenstein monster in the worst way. Worse than nukes.

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June 22 – Harmonic and Cognitive Dissonance aka Double-Think Compared

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The Sophism Technique of *Framing*

Interesting how YouTube does framing, like a video with counter-mainstream but completely logical political content has “up next” something strawmanning “conspiracists”.

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Steven Pinker on What I Call Interobjectivity (video link and mp3 file)

(Please see first comment for links in text form.)

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Blue Pill/Red Pill Part One and Two

(About thirteen short paragraphs plus endnotes, Revision One copyleft 06-06-2016 by Peter Voluntaryistic Walker) PART ONE: BLUE PILL/RED PILL DEFINED I-1. The Matrix movie popularized the blue/red pill metaphor as a very useful label; but it means different things to … Continue reading

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What If My Significant Other is Blue Pill and I’m Red Pill ? (personal-question-for-corbett.mp4) [If your browser says the file is corrupt, it’s not and will play in a different browser or if you download it for off-line play.] I conclude there are three core categories of people reacting/responding to political issues: (1) … Continue reading

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The Textbook Case of 1776 and How Unhealthy Cultures Work

(Eight short paragraphs plus endnotes, Revision Two, 5-31-2016 by Peter Voluntaryistic Walker) 1. The disease model is organ->disorder->symptom. The social organ is culture, the disorder is the spread of unreason-memes, and the symptoms both by design and social inertia are … Continue reading

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